Modern cytology practices in the educational and clinical setting still face significant challenges with implementing digital cytology. Key barriers revolve around the inability to effectively image 3-dimensional (3D) cytologic structures, high cost of implementation, heavy storage requirements, and long imaging processes. The below table compares Panoptiq against traditional whole slide scanning systems.


Bedside procedures such as FNA/ROSE may also be performed remotely with Panoptiq, thus saving up to 2500 pathologist travel hours and procedure wait times per year.



Feasibility of Using the Panoptiq Imaging System for Telemicrobiology

Daniel D. Rhoads, Ishtiaque Ahmed, Liron Pantanowitz

Telemicrobiology is challenging because of the high magnification and fine resolution required to identify microorganisms. This study evaluates twenty challenging microbiology cases that were digitally captured by Panoptiq™ at multiple objectives. 


Whole-slide imaging: widening the scope of cytopathology

Ehab A. El-Gabry, Anil V. Parwani, Liron Pantanowitz

This paper reviews digital pathology systems with a focus on their applications and limitations to cytopathology. 


Performance evaluation of a dynamic telepathology system (Panoptiq) in the morphologic assessment of peripheral blood film abnormalities

R. Goswami, D. Pi, J. Pal, K. Cheng, M. Hudoba De Badyn

The study evaluates the performance of a dynamic imaging telepathology system (Panoptiq™) as a diagnostic aid to the identification of peripheral blood film (PBF) abnormalities.

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European Patent 2740104. U.S. Patent 9,224,063. Canadian Patent 2,843,772. Japanese Patent 6112624

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