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Evaluation of Panoramic Digital Images Using Panoptiq for Frozen Section Diagnosis

Dinesh Pradhan, Sara E. Monaco, Anil V. Parwani, Ishtiaque Ahmed, Liron Pantanowitz

Twenty randomly selected genitourinary pathology frozen section cases were evaluated using conventional light microscopy and digital slides created using Panoptiq™ and Aperio. Three pathologists were asked to render diagnoses and rate the image quality and their diagnostic confidence for each modality. The aim of this study was to determine the utility of Panoptiq™ for frozen section telepathology.

Comparison of Different Modalities for Reading Pathology Slides

Based on image quality and diagnostic confidence, Panoptiq showed equivalent or higher satisfactory and confidence levels compared to the traditional light microscope.2

2 Pradhan D, Monaco SE, Parwani AV, Ahmed I, Duboy J, Pantanowitz L. Evaluation of panoramic digital images using Panoptiq for frozen section diagnosis. J Pathol Inform 2016; 7:26.

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European Patent 2740104. U.S. Patent 9,224,063. Canadian Patent 2,843,772. Japanese Patent 6112624

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