Panoptiq transforms the familiar light microscope into a slide digitization tool with a simple addition of a digital video camera, a PC and the proprietary Panoptiq real-time stitching software. 


Scan your slides instantly

Digitize your slide as you view them. With Panoptiq's dynamic slide mapping technology, you can create whole-slide images with your slides using your existing microscope and computer. Then, capture and embed high-magnification regions of interest at up to 100x within your scans.

See through the z-axis

Capture every cellular detail along the z-axis with Panoptiq's continuous 3-D focusing. Whereas whole slide scanners capture images at predefined planes of focus, Panoptiq scrolls through the focus of the entire thickness of a sample. The 3-D volumes generated are then automatically integrated into the scans, creating annotated maps of 3-D regions.


Panoptiq Live Stream enables telepathology by way of sharing a real-time live image feed from the microscope to colleagues remotely. This simple yet powerful solution allows one to access the expertise of colleagues beyond the confines of the local hospital or center.


This new technology no longer relies on screen sharing but rather exchanges metadata and images between two or more instances of Panoptiq 5 to minimize latency and maximize image quality. Navigate scans, z-stacks and create annotations as if you were working on a local file. 


Digitally image in a few minutes. Remotely share with colleagues in a few seconds

  • As a software-based solution, it is a fraction of the complexity and cost of traditional whole slide scanners

  • Continuous 3D imaging of regions of interest ensures the full complexity of the specimen is captured

  • By allowing portable access anytime and anywhere via our cloud platform, our system allows for simple, multi-disciplinary collaborations

  • Real-time intraoperative frozen sections

  • Remote evaluation of FNA/ROSE

  • Cytopathology 3D high-magnification digitization

  • Residency education

  • Tumour boards

Applications include:

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Panoptiq is for research use only. Not intended for diagnostic use.

European Patent 2740104. U.S. Patent 9,224,063. Canadian Patent 2,843,772. Japanese Patent 6112624

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