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Advantage of Z-stacking for teleconsultation between the USA and Colombia

A new study published in Diagnostic Cytopathology (see link) compared diagnostic concordance, image quality, and usefulness of Z-stacking of fine needle aspiration smears between whole slide imaging and Panoptiq. Pathologists rated image quality from whole slide imaging at 8.3 versus 8.7 for those digitized using Panoptiq, with diagnostic concordance not impacted. Pathologists found the unique Z-stacking feature of Panoptiq to be diagnostically helpful in the majority of cases – in general, use of Panoptiq Z-stacking showed better diagnostic concordance. The study concluded that the panoramic images acquired by Panoptiq were of diagnostic quality, generated smaller image files, and were associated with fewer technical errors than those of whole slide imaging, and recommended Panoptiq for telecytology.

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