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Online Experimental study of breast FNA consultation using Panoptiq

Many cytopathologists hesitate to ask for inter-institutional consultation via the shipping of glass slides for fear of losing them due to an accident.Compounding this is the fact that collection and preparation of cytology samples for diagnosis is difficult, and most digital imaging solutions, being limited in representation of the 3D structure of cells or cell clusters, makes the process even more problematic.

In a recent retrospective study by Yamashiro et al (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jasc.2018.12.002), Panoptiq by ViewsIQ solves this problem through its patented software platform by combining digital imaging with fine resolution 3D capturing of such structures.Here, Yamashiro et al assessed 9 reviewers' cytopathology diagnoses against 23 original breast Final Needle Aspiration (FNA) cytology samples prepared using Liquid-Based Cytology (LBC). In examining each case, all 9 reviewers showed a positive diagnostic correspondence through a 'consultation benefit' score, with 2 reviewers showing a significantly higher score.

The greatest advantage of cytopathology consultation using digital technology is to collect opinions from consultants across disparate geographies, in the shortest amount of time. The authors concluded that Panoptiq could indeed be used for cytopathology consultation safely, via the Internet.

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