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What is Panoptiq?

Panoptiq is a dynamic software solution that transforms the traditional light microscope into a slide digitization tool. While a user examines a specimen on a glass slide under the microscope, the Panoptiq software digitally stitches multiple fields of view into a single panoramic view in real-time. This dynamic image can capture multiple magnifications and focal plans (i.e. – Z-stacks). This image can then be saved and shared on a cloud-based platform. Alternatively, in the case of time-sensitive sharing, one may use Panoptiq’s real-time capability, streaming to a remote user as the image is being digitized.


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Panoptiq is for research use only. Not intended for diagnostic use.

European Patent 2740104. U.S. Patent 9,224,063. Canadian Patent 2,843,772. Japanese Patent 6112624

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