Overcoming digital cytology barriers with an interactive imaging approach using Panoptiq

Modern cytology practices in the educational and clinical setting still face significant challenges with implementing digital cytology. This white paper talks about how an innovative approach to imaging overcomes those conventional barriers.


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Digital pathology implementation: Key lessons for success and a new method of interactive imaging designed for integration

The growing healthcare needs in North America have created a number of challenges for modern pathology practices such as limited capacity for slide storage, reduced access to specialist expertise, and increased workload and budget constraints. This paper talks about how digital pathology can be beneficial towards addressing those issues and the key lessons learned towards successful implementation.


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Enhancing medical education using Panoptiq

Traditional forms of medical education face a number of challenges related to adequate staffing and shared use of microscopes. This white paper discusses how Heather Worthington, the Associate Chair of Cytotechnology at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, has implemented the Panoptiq™ system to improve and "flip" her classes.

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BCIT champions Canada's first interactive digital slide imaging system

This white paper talks about how the British Columbia Institute of Technology became one of the first champions of Panoptiq™, and how it is being implemented to improve the quality of medical education.

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Panoramic Digital Images (Panoptiq) for Cytopathology Screening and Interpretation

Liron Pantanowitz, Jacqueline Cuda, Juan Xing, Ishtiaque Ahmed, Anil Parwani, Sara Monaco

Whole slide imaging in cytology is limited when glass slides are scanned without z-stacks for focusing. The Panoptiq™ imaging system is a novel technology that allows users to create digital files that combine low-power panoramic images with regions of interest that are imaged using high-power z-stacks. This study determines the utility of Panoptiq for cytopathology screening and interpretation.

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Feasibility of Using the Panoptiq Imaging System for Telemicrobiology

Daniel D. Rhoads, Ishtiaque Ahmed, Liron Pantanowitz

Telemicrobiology is challenging because of the high magnification and fine resolution required to identify microorganisms. This study evaluates twenty challenging microbiology cases that were digitally captured by Panoptiq™ at multiple objectives. 

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Evaluation of Panoramic Digital Images Using Panoptiq for Frozen Section Diagnosis

Dinesh Pradhan, Sara E. Monaco, Anil V. Parwani, Ishtiaque Ahmed, Liron Pantanowitz

Twenty randomly selected genitourinary pathology frozen section cases were evaluated using conventional light microscopy and digital slides created using Panoptiq™ and Aperio. Three pathologists were asked to render diagnoses and rate the image quality and their diagnostic confidence for each modality. The aim of this study was to determine the utility of Panoptiq™ for frozen section telepathology.

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Contribution of SRF, ELK-1 and myocardin to airway smooth muscle remodeling in heaves, an asthma-like disease of horses

Mylène Chevigny, Karine Guérin-Montpetit, Amandine Vargas, Josiane Lefebvre-Lavoie, Jean-Pierre Lavoie

This paper characterizes the expression of several proteins in the airways of horses afflicted with heaves, a disease similar to asthma. Panoptiq™ was used to acquire images of IHC-stained endobronchial biopsies.

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Whole-slide imaging: widening the scope of cytopathology

Ehab A. El-Gabry, Anil V. Parwani, Liron Pantanowitz

This paper reviews digital pathology systems with a focus on their applications and limitations to cytopathology. 

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Performance evaluation of a dynamic telepathology system (Panoptiq) in the morphologic assessment of peripheral blood film abnormalities

R. Goswami, D. Pi, J. Pal, K. Cheng, M. Hudoba De Badyn

The study evaluates the performance of a dynamic imaging telepathology system (Panoptiq™) as a diagnostic aid to the identification of peripheral blood film (PBF) abnormalities.

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Panoptiq™ Workflow for Intraoperative Consultations

Panoptiq™ is the leading microscope-based telepathology solution that enables real-time remote panoramic viewing of microscopic specimens during bedside procedures such as FNA/ROSE and frozen section consults.

Join Dr. Matthew Hanna, MD, Clinical Instructor at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, as he discusses how Panoptiq™ 5, the latest generation of the platform, compares against their current frozen section workflow.

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In-Source GYN Cytology Specimens as an Additional Revenue Stream

Panoptiq™ permits real-time digitalization and remote evaluation of cytopathology specimens, giving back up to 20% of a pathologist's time. Join us in this webinar to discuss the feasibility and efficiency of Panoptiq™ in diagnosing cervicovaginal cytology specimens. 

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Panoptiq Use Cases by UPMC

Join Dr. Matthew Hanna, MD, Pathologist and Clinical Instructor of Pathology Informatics at the University of Pittsburgh, as he discusses multiple use cases for Panoptiq.

Panoptiq takes a software-based approach to digital imaging, and as such integrates into one’s current microscopy workflow. Dr. Hanna will describe how UPMC has utilized this technology in use cases covering clinical, educational and non-clinical scenarios.

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Enhancing the Tumor Board Experience with Digital Pathology

Join Dr. Gupta, Pathologist and Medical Director of MAWD Pathology Group, based in Liberty, MO, as he discusses how he is using digital pathology in his clinical practice. Dr. Gupta also addresses the current challenges around tumor board presentations and shares his experience on how Panoptiq has allowed him to communicate his findings with greater flexibility. 


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Enhancing Clinical Laboratory Education using Digital Microscopy

In this webinar, Heather Worthington of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) discusses how she has incorporated digital microscopy alongside conventional microscopy in the classroom to adopt a 'flipped-classroom' approach to learning. 


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