Scan your slides instantly

Digitize your slide as you view them. With Panoptiq's dynamic slide mapping technology, you can create whole-slide images with your slides using your existing microscope and computer. Then, capture and embed high-magnification regions of interest at up to 100x within your scans.

See through the z-axis

Capture every cellular detail along the z-axis with Panoptiq's continuous 3-D focusing. Whereas whole slide scanners capture images at predefined planes of focus, Panoptiq scrolls through the focus of the entire thickness of a sample. The 3-D volumes generated are then automatically integrated into the scans, creating annotated maps of 3-D regions.

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We have had a Panoptiq scanner for 5 years and have found it both reliable and very easy to use. It is excellent value compared to anything else on the market.

Dr. Blake Gilks

Regional Medical Director and Department Head, and Professor

Vancouver Coastal Health and University of British Columbia

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Panoptiq is for research use only. Not intended for diagnostic use.

European Patent 2740104. U.S. Patent 9,224,063. Canadian Patent 2,843,772. Japanese Patent 6112624

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