Tumor Board

Traditionally, pathology findings are presented at tumor boards in two major ways; as still images taken during the review of slides beforehand and projected using an overhead projector, or glass slides using a projection microscope. In the case of the former, this method only captures small fields of view, and requires additional software such as Microsoft Powerpoint to add text and annotations to the image. For the latter, it may be cumbersome to manage this setup, and it is often difficult for clinician colleagues to follow the projected images from a live microscope on the screen.


Panoptiq allows for a much more comprehensive demonstration of the pathology. It captures the entire tissue section, better-demonstrating findings such as margins, ALI, percent tumor, and relationship to normal structures. Using Panoptiq, one may zoom in and out of important areas at multiple, magnification levels, annotate and add text within the software, and share the digital panoramic image electronically through the cloud-based Panoptiq Portal.



Enhancing the tumor board experience with digital pathology


Join Dr. Gupta, Pathologist and Medical Director of MAWD Pathology Group, based in Liberty, MO, as he discusses how he is using digital pathology in his clinical practice.


Digital imaging with Panoptiq has allowed Dr. Gupta to increase participation of his clinical colleagues in the unique diagnostic and prognostic characteristics of his cases. In this presentation, Dr. Gupta addresses the current challenges around tumor board presentations and shares his experience on how Panoptiq has allowed him to communicate his findings with greater flexibility. The greatest success has been the surgeons bringing intra-operative and clinical images to the tumor board since Dr. Gupta started using Panoptiq digital images.

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